I (Marijke) was invited by Joan to come for a weekend to Sydney to spend time with her, John and Sam. I had not seen then for over 4 years. John and Sam moved to Sydney in November 2003 and Joan was there for business from America. Sam and Joan had created a situation where John did not know I was coming until I swam up to him in the sea outside their home. The look on his face was priceless.

Friends Joan & JT

It was fantastic! We swam, snorkeled (there was a lot to see, big wrasse and large schools of smaller fish!), went out for dinner, visited markets, the botanical gardens and walked along the harbour to the Opera house, went to the movies and more...

I have put on a couple of pictures to give an idea of this unforgettable weekend.  

Sydney Skyline

Bondi Beach Sydney

Market Sydney

Park Sydney

Sydney Harbour

Sydney Opera House

Tree Sydney