I spent a long weekend in North Carolina with my friend Joan. It was very strange and interesting to be land-locked after nine months of living on islands. I was very lucky as it was 'leaves weekend'. This meant that it was the best weekend to see the autumn/fall colours. Plenty of visitors!!!

The leaves were spectacular and it was not easy to capture the splendour of the green, orange, reds and yellows on my camera.

Fall Colours North Carolina

Joan lives in a gorgeous wooden house in the hills of Maggie Valley.

We visited my friend Gay in Bakersfield. She was emptying her kiln and we admired her exquisite pottery, you can see it here: Gertrude Graham Smith

Gay Smith Pottery

We also visited Smokey National Park. The views were fantastic and we were treated to a sight of a large group of Elk.

View North Carolina

The trip really was too short as there was a lot more to see. It is worth coming back again.