Both Bonaire and Curacao are part of the Dutch Caribbean island group.

Bonaire was an amazing experience and is an island where I could happily live. The airport is small and friendly, and the flight over from Curacao, sat next to the pilot in a 6-seat plane, was an amazing experience.

My expectations of Bonaire were very different from the experience. It was much bigger and greener than I expected, and it even had some hills. There are wetlands with flamingos and the capital, Kralendijk, is a gorgeous village with colourful houses. It looked incredibly friendly.

The dive shop is beautifully located and I could walk to the pier, where turquoise water touched the deep blue water and clouds hung low over the horizon. Often I closed my eyes to feel the warm, sensuous winds.

Dive Shop Bonaire

I did two dives, the first one at Bari reef, which was very exciting. There was so much to see. The main differences from other places I have dived were the large numbers of fish and, even more striking, how tame they were. I saw large groups of Jacks, several Scorpion Fish and many Flounders . Amazing fish! I also spent a lot of time snorkelling over the Reef balls for another article for

Apart from the underwater world, the world above water is equally exciting, with lots and lots of different birds. Flamingos, ospreys and hummingbirds are just a small sample of the birds I saw. I was also excited to see Iguana, which seemed to appear everywhere.

Flowering Cactus Bonaire

On the way back from the second dive site, Karpata, there was a very large group of dolphins, at least a hundred, leaping all around the boat. What else can you ask for?

I would recommend Bonaire to anyone, diver or non-diver alike.