Scuba Diving on Maui - Maui has a place in our heart, as you can go from sunny beaches to tropical forests. Every day is a great diving day with amazing visibility. The place to spot turtles and brightly coloured fish swimming around lively corals.

Best Dive Sites on Maui - There are many attractive locations from the Molokini atoll to the Lanai Cathedrals. Spot things under the water like Spotted Eagle Rays, Conger and Moray Eels, shoals of Needlefish (near the surface) and more rarely, what I think was an Indigo Dartfish.

Commercial Guides and Dive Shops - There are plenty of great dive operators who offer deals to take you to some amazing spots. We also have a special tip for you about getting the right dive book for Maui.

Maui Diving Safety Information - Some emergency numbers just in case.

Maui Weather Conditions - The island is safe and fun, wiith ideal weather conditions and perfect water temperatures for an amazing diving holiday.