Diving in the waters of Fiji is world class - Jean-Michel Cousteau called it, "the soft coral capital of the world." Because we used to live in Suva, on the largest island called Viti Levu, we did most of our diving nearby Beqa Lagoon. However, there are many other beautiful and exciting places to dive around the country.

At Beqa, we have seen wonderful soft corals, several species of shark, rays, turtles, lion fish, blue ribbon eels and much more. We have also dived some of the sites around Savusavu, which is located on the second largest island of Vanua Levu. While we were there, we saw more turtles than we usually do in Beqa, but we also noticed that there was more bleached and dead coral. We have heard that, since we were there last, it has recovered somewhat.

We have also dived several sites along the Coral Coast of Viti Levu. In this area, we have dived Morgan's Wall. I enjoyed that site but the Coral Coast generally doesn't seem to have as many good sites as other parts of Fiji.

Travelling and Safety

Fiji is a safe place to visit. Generally speaking, in times of political strife most of the problems are likely to arise in the areas around and between Suva and Nausori - the resorts and dive areas are far less likely to be affected. However, the levels of property crimes are relatively high, and these crimes have affected resorts. My advice is never carry valuables around with you; never carry large sums of money; never carry purses or wallets openly and, if you can, lock all valuables in hotel safes or similar. Some areas are safer than others as far as muggings and street crime are concerned, however, nowhere is completely safe so you should always take reasonable precautions.

Information on Fiji

You can find good information about diving in Fiji from the Fiji Tourism Bureau


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Diving & Snorkelling Fiji (2nd edition) by Mahaney, Casey & Astrid. Lonely Planet 2000. 141p. Paperback. ISBN 0864427719. This is a nice contribution to the books about diving around Fiji. It contains general information on Fiji as well as specific information about dive sites, organised by region, with contact information on dive operators. As you might expect from authors who are also underwater photographers, the illustrations are plentiful and attractive. It categorises all sites on degree of diver competence required.

Indo-Pacific Coral Reef Field Guide  by Gerald R Allen & Roger Steene. From Odyssey Publishing, 1999 (5th edition). A guide for divers with over 1,800 colour photographs