4 Essential Tricks for Designing the Perfect Zen Garden

What do you think of when you envision gardening? You may imagine constant weeding, watering, and other caretaking. But, what if there was an affordable, low time commitment, low-stress way to utilize your yard? Zen gardens are the ideal way to make yards of any size both attractive and relaxing. Keep the following in mind when designing your Zen garden.

Incorporate Paths and Plants

Some Zen gardens are merely made up of various types of stone. However, when you add trees and plants, you add to the visual appeal. Dark green plants tend to suggest yin energy, while plants with bright yellow blossoms will add balancing yang energy.
Paths are also an excellent feature in any garden. They will lead guests to different sections of your garden that you want to highlight. In order to create harmony, consider using stones, greens, and rocks as borders to a wooden path.

Augment Your Garden with Zen Features

You can use an array of Zen elements to accentuate the peacefulness of your garden. This could include a statue, rock boulders, stone lamp, or anything you find visually appealing. The key is to make sure the arrangement and organization of the items have a clean appearance.
Water, especially running water, is a prominent aspect in many Zen teachings. As such, it is an excellent detail to have in your garden. Water is associated with positive energy. You might consider building your own Zen garden close to an existing pond or creek, installing a pond, adding a fountain, or building a pump system that creates a small stream.

Sand Is a Must

Zen gardens are generally dry landscapes with a lot of sand. The mold (or box) you have for your sand depends on the size of your garden. Make the mold of the sand using wood. This is important because you do not want the sand to bleed into other parts of your garden. And, if you have sand, you should keep it raked in whatever patterns you are inspired to make. This is a relaxing activity that adds an excellent, constantly changing design element to your landscape.

Build Structures Over Time

Part of the Zen philosophy is that there is no permanence. Nature is always changing. As such, you should consider updating your garden over time. This could include adding structures, such as pergolas, gazebos, or pagodas with wooden benches where you can sit in meditative peace.

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