Cynophalla Flexuos

Common name: Stoki, Mosterd

Height: 3-6 metres
 (10 to 20 ft)
Features: Bush or tree with showy white or pink flowers, fragrant at night, it provides food for birds.

cynophalla flexuos stoki flower

Propagation: Can be grown from seeds in pots in light shade to full sun.

Growing: Transplant after the first true leaves form. Growth rate is moderate.

Location: Under a tree or on it's own. It is a clumbering shrub or high climbing woody vine.

cynophalla flexuos stoki flowerpods

The flowers of Cynophalla Flexuos are white to pink, the thin petals are 1.5 cm long. The fruits are green and cylindrical, up to 15 cm long and contain numerous white seeds which are displayed when the ripe fruits splits open. The pulp is bright pink. The bark is smooth and grayish. The leaves 2-4 inches, sometimes longer, with orange leaf stems. It can tolorate salt wind. The fruit is a green capsule, to 6" long, splitting open to expose white seeds imbedded in scarlet pulp.

cynophalla flexuos stoki seedpots