The aim of this page is to create an awareness of coral bleaching and its disastrous effects. Included is a link that shows 25 way to prevent and combat coral bleaching. After diving around the world the impact of this rapidly developing hazard are blindingly obvious.

Coral bleaching occurs when reefs are stressed, usually by excessively warm water. When the coral goes into stress, it expels the algae living inside it. These algae, called zooxanthellae, enable the coral to turn light from the sun into energy and oxygen and they help provide the corals' colour. Prolonged bleaching events, like the one observed this year in the Pacific (circa 2000), have resulted in the death of 95 per cent or more of bleached corals in many parts of the world. Most corals that are completely bleached, eventually die after being invaded by green algae.

Coral Bleaching Resources

Coral Reef Alliance
Coral Reef Bleaching - Useful knowledge
Reef Relief - Is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to Preserving and Protecting Living Coral Reef Ecosystems through local, regional and global efforts.
The Reef Environmental Education Foundation - Uses volunteer divers to conduct its excellent Reef Fish Survey Project.

Coral bleaching is a problem that has been become increasingly evident. Coral bleaching has been shown to have an impact on the boating and undersea life. This problem has created environmental difficulties for the reefs, small and large boats, as well as the ecosystem. Hopefully, efforts to preserve and protect the coral reef will be successful.