Articles on ecologies from all around the world, as far the Fiji Islands as well as coverage of ecological projects including the "Eco Tripping" series written for SEED Magazine.

Marine Science

Information ranging from the effects of landfill on the marine environment to coral bleaching, marine pollution, turtles and more resources.

Plant Files

Have a look at our favourite plants & trees. We are currently documenting all native plants and trees in Bonaire.  For example the Guaiacum officinale, Wayaka - Especially in and around Kralendijk you will see this endangered evergreen tree. 


Gardening in the semi arid Caribbean can be a challenge! Little water, high salt, many pests and an unusual combination of animals like iguanas and goats who love to graze. These series of interviews are of inspiring people who have taken on these obstacles in different ways with a focus on native plants and organic methods.