Renting a car on Bonaire is quite necessary as the island seems small, but the distances are too long to walk. Besides, the roads aren’t set up for biking and there are no real sidewalks. Renting a car is also popular because there is no public transport, with a car you’ll have the freedom to go shore diving, snorkelling all over the island and you can visit several natural areas such as Washington-Slagbaai park.

There are several car rentals where you can rent a car during your stay. The most common cars on Bonaire are pick-up trucks. These trucks are strong and sturdy which will help you get around on Bonaire. They also make a wonderful buddy to divers and they will take tanks and equipment in the back.

Some short traffic rules:

• Driving is on the right-hand side
• The speed limit in "urban" areas is 40km/h (25Mph) and outside of town its 60km/h (37 Mph), unless otherwise posted.
• All traffic entering from the right has 'right of way' and all traffic making a left turn has to stop for oncoming traffic.
• Be careful in rainy weather as roads become extremely slippery (long dry, dusty periods followed by rain causes slippery surface).
• Be aware of one-way roads since they are common on Bonaire.
• Look out for unforeseen elements such as goats, donkeys, abnormally deep potholes, etc.

Some driving do’s and don’ts:

DO: Know and understand traffic regulations
DO: Check if your car is allowed in the national park
DON’T: Carrying passengers in the truck bed
DON’T: DUI (Driving Under the Influence)

Bonaire Car Rentals:

Car rental  Phone number
Bonaire Rent A Car + 599 786-6090
Caribe Rent a Car  + 599 786-8080 
Voyager Events Car Rental        +599 717-3123/717-3122 


Bonaire Gas Stations:

Gas Station  Street
Gas Xpress Kaya Tribon 1
Lisa Gas Kaya Industria 10
Mentor Kaya Korona 107
Rincon Station          Rincon