Seru Largu, is one of the most Romantic and favored viewpoints on the island of Bonaire. It is an elevated hill point (The fourth highest in Bonaire) and gives you a captivating sight of both the charming town of Kralendijk and the islet of Klein Bonaire. Seru Largu is Papiamentu for “Large Hill” and is known locally as “The Mountain”.

seru largu bonaire

Many climb this hill  to hike, plan a romantic date, take photos or just have an opportunity to witness a greater view of the island of Bonaire. At the top of the Seru Largu hill lies a Christian monument called the Millennium Monument. Its name derives from the fact that it was placed on the hill in the year 2000, at the start of millennium, by the Council of Churches on Bonaire.

seru largu bonaire04
The monument is a yellow and white structure, with a large white cross placed on top of it.  Due to its elevated and central position, its easily visible from many parts of the island. On the monument the words "Kristu Ayera Awe Semper" are written in Papiamentu, this stands for Christ, today, yesterday and forever. If you wish to get up to this point you can rent a car and take a trip up the Seru Largu hill for some great photo opportunites at the monument or of the greater landscape of the island.

seru largu bonaire02