One of the popular water sports on Bonaire is kayaking. There are two types of kayaks available on the island: sit in and sit on top. The stable sit on top is easy to learn, it only takes a basic instruction. The sit in model is for the advanced kayakers who can do Eskimo rolls and can get out of the kayak when it topples over.

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The Mangrove system on Bonaire is very popular with kayaks, as they allow kayakers to peaceful browse a very lush and tranquil piece of nature on Bonaire. Tours can be arranged with the Mangrove Centre directly. There are also local operators that allow you to rent kayaks to paddle out to Klein Bonaire and go snorkeling there.

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Kayaks with glass bottoms can be also be arranged with certain tour agencies, allowing the people traversing in them to witness the marine life under their kayak and give them a clear view of the beauty found in Bonaire's waters.