Bonaire boosts an estimated 400 caves. The caves are pristine ancient wonders, with beautiful stalagmites and stalactites and some with lakes and tunnels. You can even snorkel in the crystal clear underground lakes. Caves are key ecological features and they form a crucial habitat for the terrestrial ecosystem of Bonaire. Furthermore caves are used by humans for cultural purposes as in religious rituals, also for refuge, storage, cave paintings and even sources of water and food.


Most of the caves are dry which gives you an opportunity to view the stalactite and stalagmites and perchance even helectites, these formations have a very ancient heritage due to the thousands of years it took them to form. 


The caving tours require a certified guide to take you through them, for both your own safety and the protection of the natura environement. Luckily their are quite a few tour operators on Bonaire that have assembled some exciting cave tours. You can follow this link to the official Bonaire tourism site which has a list of operators which you can contact.


The cave systems are not accommodated with railings, paved paths or lights. It is a bit of a challenge to explore them: the only light is the one you carry, bats are flying around, and you will have to climb a little. But a guide is there to help you. Bring sturdy shoes, no flip flops. Its fun!