If you're looking for some fun and adrenaline Bonaire's windsurfing offers just that. Join forces with the stream of archetypal 'dudes' and 'dudettes' with sun kissed skin and long hair that flock to Bonaire. Their reason for being here is different from the flamingo's however. Bonaire's windsurfing conditions are ridiculously ideal. You'd think that windsurfing was invented because of Bonaire...

How so? Bonaire experiences steady easterly trade winds which are broken by the islands topography to provide various levels that match your windsurfing skill (or lack of!). The west side of the island is protected from winds but for the stronger and more experienced windsurfers the winds can carry you close to Klein Bonaire. The sailing club is located on this side of the island. The vast 'migration' of windsurfers is however to Lac Bay. Even seeing the sandy beaches and shimmering turquoise waters of Lac Bay with its dark ocean horizon and neighbouring leafy green mangroves is a treat in itself. But for windsurfers that's only the icing on the cake and you'll soon realise why this is windsurf mecca. Lac Bay is located on the easterly concave side of the island resulting in ninety percent chance of favourable winds. Add to this a similar percentage of sun and an eight square kilometre bay that creates natural skill zones and 'voila' windsurfing heaven. 


The steady trade winds and pleasant water temperatures are the ideal combination for windsurfing. The months February to August (high-wind season) are most suitable. In these months an average wind speed of 15 knots is measured with a maximum of 30 knots.

Bonaire windsurfing newbie? Don't worry, Lac Bay is protected by the Bonaire Marine Park so it's free from boat traffic. The protective barrier reef creates a natural enclave from waves and is knee deep so you can fall to your heart's content and get up no problem. The most inexperienced tend to stick close to the beach.


Bonaire windsurfing connoisseur? Check out the blue/green swells where the wind picks up but where the topography still protects against the worst of the waves.

Bonaire windsurfing pro? Venture out to Lac Bay's outer reaches for a greater challenge. There the consistent uncensored trade winds and deep blue mast-high swells make for an unparalleled experience!

As well as location there is the added factor of season. These being simply the high wind and light wind seasons. This means you can further customise your Bonaire windsurfing experience. The high wind season is from mid December through August and the light wind season is from September to mid December.

Now if you've dribbled on your keyboard it's probably time to tell you where to start. First of all there is Jibe city which uses Bic equipment and then its neighbour The Place which uses Mistral equipment. They both offer top quality equipment and all levels of instruction:

Bonaire Windsurfing Companies
Bonaire Windsurf Place
Jibe City

Professional competitions run throughout the windy season but the Regatta Week celebrated every October takes place in the light wind season. During this week there are sailboat and windsurfing races to partake in or marvel at.

Finally because Lac Bay is part of the Bonaire National Marine Park it is protected and will thankfully not be further developed. So the treasure is safe from the hands of greedy fingers. Any use of the waters of Bonaire Marine National Park (the entire fringing reef system around Bonaire is a national park) requires a fee of $10 for windsurfers or snorkelers and $25 for scuba divers which is for nature conservation (so your children can come here too!) Tags give complimentary access to Washington-Slaagbai National Park, are valid for one year and available at water sport operations on Bonaire.


Sorobon Beach/Jibe city

Sorobon Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on Bonaire. Most of Bonaire's beaches are dotted with beautifully shaped dead coral. Visually, that looks great, of course, but it does not invite you to lie down and enjoy the Caribbean sun.

In that aspect, the beach at Sorobon Beach is atypical for Bonairian beaches. Here you will not find any dead coral or pebbles but fine white powder sand. The beautiful beach merges into the azure-blue shallow waters of Lac Bay. All this together gives a heavenly picture.

Windsurfers from all over the world are extremely attracted to this unique location. The constant onshore wind ensures that the windsurfers are not sucked into the ocean, the lagoon is shallow and the seawater is of a wonderful temperature. All this together ensures that Lac Bay always ends at the top of the lists of the best global windsurf spots.

Jibe City is a relaxed and laid back windsurf centre situated at the Sorobon Beach where you can rent windsurfing equipment, stand-up-paddle boards, take lessons or just chill and enjoy the view and the windsurf action.

Besides the perfect place for windsurfing, Sorobon Beach also offers great food and chill spots. Because of the steady winds, it's one of the coolest places on Bonaire.