Bonaire provides some stunning scenery for hikers. There are plenty of trails which can be explored with or without a guide, 

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Washington Slagbaai National Park has some of the most popular hiking and walking trails. There are 3 main hiking trails in the park which you can travel on.

1. The Lagadishi walking trail, a 2 hour walking trail suitable for most regardless of level of fitness, it provides a glimpse into the windward sights of the island.

2. The Kasikunda trail, a more challenging hike up to the peak of a volcanic hill. Provides a view over the north side of Bonaire.

3. The Subi Brandaris Trail, this hike provides an opportunity to climb to the top of the Brandaris Hill (Highest peak in Bonaire) on clear days you can see the island of Curacao and even as far as Venezuela.


If you would like more detailed information on these hikes, you can visit an official tourist page here, to read more on the details of the trails.

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Apart from the trails in Washington Slagbaai Park, the areas of Bara di Karta and around Rincon also offer some very interesting and scenic hiking trails. If you would like to read more on these, this link will provide you with detailed info regarding the vareity of trails you can find in these regions.

It is advised that you rent a car in order to reach the designated locations for the hikes, this will help provide you with the means to reach the locations of your choice with ease, Also remember to start your hikes early and prepare with lots of Sunscreen and water so that you can navigate the trails safely in the island's tropical climate. 

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