Marijke Wilhelmus lives in Bonaire (Caribbean Netherlands). Apart from owning Blue Oceans, she was also co-owner of Bonaire Rent a Car. Previously she has lived in Idskenhuizen in Friesland (Netherlands), Port Vila in Vanuatu, Suva in Fiji, Findhorn in Scotland and all around the Netherlands before that.

She enjoys gardening, travel, watersports, swimming, sailing, snorkelling and scuba diving! She has done over 100 dives in Beqa Legoon, which is a wonderful dive site in Fiji and many dives on Bonaire.

Marijke loves islands, in particular Hawai'i, Bonaire, Fiji, the Cook Islands, Vanuatu, Jamaica and also Tasmania. She has been fortunate enough to spend over four years in Hawai'i, four months in Jamaica and visit the Cook Islands twice.

She likes to correspond with others who love travelling, watersports and ecology, so please get in touch if you love them too.

Her daughter Natalja Heybroek  is  an artist.

Her son Clark Heijbroek  is living in Maine, U.S.A .  He and his wife run Marpa Farm and Nursery